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The AKA Wardogs squadron traces it's origins to the early 1980's. Since it's inception, it has held a reputation for it's pilots ferocity and skill in flight simulations. 
The dedication to the Squadron and to each other by it's members is unparalleled which is what makes it what it is today. The Squadron is fortunate to have members from around the globe with various skills. Many, having served their countries in various ways including flight operations. Regardless of who or where they come from, the Wardogs all share the love of flying and are willing to share the wealth of knowledge they posses with each other. Our mission is to strive for excellence in virtual aerial warfare, promote the growth of all aspects of virtual flying skills and provide that training to it's members.

 AKA_Wardogs Chain of Command

Commanding Officer - AKA_Taipan          Executive Officer - AKA_Goshawk

                                        Operations Officer - AKA_Wayno


Training Officers, by appointment   


   IL-2:  AKA_Relent, AKA_Goshawk

 Cliffs of Dover:  AKA_Blasto, AKA_Goshawk

Battle of Stalingrad:  To be determined

       DCS series:  AKA_Topgun, AKA_Clutter

 Campaign Participation

Wardogs join with other squadrons to get a taste of what it might have been like

Using IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, with HSFX (History mod) the Wardogs join with other squadrons who wish to participate in an online campaign in various location scenarios with pilots flying on both the Allied or Axis sides for two phases consisting of at least 10 missions per side each phase. Below are links showing the results of these campaigns. We are always very interested in having other squadrons join in. We use Teamspeak and have a person on each side that organizes the action for our various flights. Each flight has a flight leader to keep us organized and on target. Below are links to the different scenarios to date with statistics for each phase. We also participate in IL-2 Cliffs of Dover campaigns as they are available on the web.

Wardogs never passed up a chance to try their hands at afterburners

Jane's F-15 Strike Eagle

Many of our cadre participated in a challenge ladder using this outstanding flight sim, with enhanced video effects made possible by the VooDoo graphics cards of the day. Jane's also had WWII, Advanced Fighters, USAF and other sims including the Longbow Apache helicopter. We've used them all.....

A touch more, this about squadron Health and Hygeine

Why we must have our own squad medical team

Over the years, AKA_Wardogs have participated in a multitude of online events, requiring we come into contact with multitudes of different cultures and attitudes. Although we try very hard to keep our bodies and minds pure of such things by rinsing ubiquitously with libations intended for just such purposes, oftimes it results in aquisitions of various ailments. However, to keep us fit and ready to fly and fight, we have our own medical staff. To read more about Dr. Bones and our bevy of sexy nurses, click the button.

A wee bit about squad Discipline

Why we must have our own

Air Command Sargeant Major

Over the years, AKA_Wardogs have found occassions when pilots are not maintaining the high standards expected by those of us who like to expect such things in those we judge, and so, in keeping with our traditions of high standards, we enlisted our beloved ACSM, who keeps watchful eye on us. 

To read more about the ACSM's unique style, simply click his button. 


The pursuit of excellence in aerial warfare in honor of those who served



Home of the AKA_Wardogs

Virtual Flight Squadron

Future endeavors:


Squadron activities:

AKA_Wardogs are most active in IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, Rise of Flight and the DCS series of simulators. Currently, the squad participates in online campaigns using IL-2 Sturmovik and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover.  Training of new pilots is ongoing and interested players do not have to be squad members to participate. 

Squad History:

the AKA Wardogs squadron was formed in the early days of computer flight sims, mid-90's with members now from the US, Canada, Australia and England. 

                 These are the flight sims in which we are primarily involved.




Our beloved "KoKo"


We have open enrollment for individuals and squadrons. If interested, submit an email using the above form. 

Wardogs move to the European Air War Theater

As computers got faster, so did the combat action

With the onset of better graphics and video capabilities, our members were a jumbled troup from many different squadrons that sought to find shared interest in combat flight sims that offered the most realistic experience possible and had high quality flight modelling. Combat flight simulator makers like MicroProse, Jane's Combat Simulations, NovaLogic, Spectrum Holobyte, Microsoft and Lucas Arts provided a wide range of games to meet the needs of a discriminating horde of armchair pilots. The European Air War challenge ladder pitted pilots against each other in a best of 5 matches in similar or dissimilar planes. The resulting after-action reports often pummelled the losers with words just as often as with the virtual bullets with which we perforated their planes. Read on..... 

Our place in history

The early days in 

Pacific Air War

Back in the early days of DOS-based flight sims, matches between pilots had to be flown over dial-up modems, often requiring the accumulation of extraordinarily high long-distance charges. Our members often fought head-to-head matches in a challenge ladder, in pursuit of the dubious honor of being the Top Dog of the ladder and to attract the attention of the only female on our small Pacific island, "KoKo".

Pacific Air War and Fighter Duel were preferred flight sims for this endeavor and allowed the challengers and winner to pound their opponents then expound upon their exploits. Such after-action reports often graced our logbooks. Some of us flew both. Care to read a few?

On a lighter note,,, and with tongues planted firmly in cheeks,,,, read on.


To get more information about AKA_Wardogs, or to join the squadron, complete the form and Submit. Responses typically take about 24 - 48 hours.

Please be sure to include the call-sign under which you choose to fly.

Membership and expectations:


The AKA Wardogs, are well know for their prowess in the virtual flight combat world.

This reputation has been hard earned by experience, dedication, cooperation, honor and respect by our members in a wide variety of combat flight simulators, including members with real world applications as pilots who are always willing to provide assistance and guidance to the willing.

While we are all dedicated, we realize that time is a precious commodity and while we do not enforce participation in our training or events we do expect our members to maintain a blend of fun and flight discipline to ensure the success of any mission we participate in.

There is no fee but we do require applicants for the Squadron to complete a 30 day probation period and relinquish all other Squadron affiliations if accepted into the AKA Wardogs.

Are you ready to “Sink your teeth in and let go only when dead?”

If so and you would like to apply for membership into our Squadron please contact our Administrative Officer AKA_Goshawk.